Motorised Roller Blinds

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening and closing each blinds, and take full control of natural light and privacy with touch of a button. 

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Automated blinds

Our automated roller blinds offer a neat look and functionality to your window coverings. Using tubular motors as the driving force, automated blinds do not require cords or cord tensioners.

By combining the quiet ACMEDA motor with a remote or a smart phone app, you can enjoy elegant and easier control of privacy and level of natural light.


Battery Powered

With inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery, our wire-free motors achieves up to 500 cycles per charge.

- Varying torque and speed levels while ensuring precise positioning of multiple shades.

- Optional solar powered charger.

- Up to 13kg weight capacity.

- Child safe and elderly-friendly.

- 5 year warranty.

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Automate Pulse Hub

With Automate Pulse Wi-fi Hub, you can accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone.

Bi-directional communication allows you to visualise the exact positioning of your blinds whilst also allowing you to check the battery health of your wire-free motors.