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Enriching your home with warmth and privacy.

Hobsonville Point

PVC venetian blinds

It can be very awkward when you have a street facing kitchen without any coverings. With Modern Blind's moisture resilient PVC venetian blind, our customer now has full control of light and privacy in her kitchen - without compromising the view!

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Sunscreen roller blinds

Our customer enjoyed the warmth of natural sunlight but struggled to watch the TV due to screen glare. With Modern Blind's sunscreen roller blind, he didn't have to give up either of them.


PVC Venetian blinds

Feeling like 'fish in a bowl' in her newly renovated home with a lot of large windows, our customer was in urgent need of an economical yet stylish solution. She loves her new venetian blinds! They brighten up her home without compromising privacy.



PVC Venetian blinds

Our Venetian blinds were perfect for keeping a consistent look with customer's pre-existing louvred windows. For large and spacious windows we can easily split the blinds for ease of use while minimising the gaps.

Flat Bush

Vertical Blinds

With many tall windows throughout the house, our customer wanted something subtle yet practical. Though vertical blinds are often thought to be out of fashion, we used bright white fabric to create a translucent effect and luxurious look. She fell in love with them!



Dual roller blinds

Enjoy the privacy and comfort during day and night with dual roller blinds. Perfect for homes that are visible from the public or are exposed to the neighbours.

Albany Heights

Dual roller blinds

Finding the right product is one thing, choosing the right colour is another challenge. Our newly-wed customers wanted roller blinds that complemented their new space. With more than 50 different fabric colours available, we have what you are looking for!