Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers!


How long will it take for my blinds to be made?

All our blinds are custom made in New Zealand to ensure the highest quality and perfect fit. It takes us between 10-15 working days to complete your order, but if your order is particularly large it may take a little longer. We're happy to discuss timing with you and see what we can do to help.

What is the maximum size I can make my blinds?

At Modern Blinds, we supply up to a size of 2,999mm wide by 3,000mm drop. Keep in mind that larger blinds can be quite heavy. We recommend splitting blinds for larger windows into two or even three sections. This will also make them easier to operate.

Do you offer a measure & quote service?

Absolutely! and it's free of charge! We offer a no obligation measure and quote service to all our customers living in the Auckland region.

Warranty Info

Modern Blinds provides up to a 5-year warranty on all our products and workmanship.

Warranty validity

  • Warranty is only valid if the blinds have been fully paid for;

  • Warranty is not transferable;

  • The customer must present proof of purchase for the warranty claim to be valid.

Warranty exceptions

​The warranty does not cover:

  • Fraying of the fabric as a result of improper use;

  • Normal wear and tear;

  • Misuse, incorrect installation or accidental damage of the blinds by the user;

  • Failure on the part of the customer to take proper care of the blinds;

  • Wooden venetian blinds installed in damp areas.

Warranty claim requirements

Modern Blinds may replace components or fabrics with new components or fabrics, and the customer accepts that new components or fabrics may differ (both visually and in functionality) to those originally purchased by the customer.